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Schreier & Wachsman, LLP obtains outstanding results for our clients. We represent victims; the seriously injured in wrongful death matters, medical malpractice matters, airline accidents, automobile accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, and various other negligence matters. When an accident or an act of negligence occurs, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know how to proceed. Schreier & Wachsman, LLP are here to help guide clients and alleviate the stress that comes along with the aftermath of such catastrophic events. We are devoted to our practice and zealously, aggressively and diligently represent our clients and are committed to being tough and relentless advocates for our clients. It is our unique style and strategies together with our commitment to excellence that have resulted in outstanding victories for our clients who have suffered physical, economic and emotional damage, by helping them rebuild after the devastation that comes in the wake of such accidents, injuries and negligence.

We have handled thousands of cases and deliver results by either a jury trial, arbitration, mediation or negotiating directly with insurance companies to provide injury victims the monetary compensation they deserve.

Since we have over a combined 50 years of legal experience as well as expert medical consultants on our staff, we are able to understand and unravel the most complicated medical issues and courses of treatment. Moreover, because of our experiences and relationships, we are able to utilize and call upon our established network of experts who are simply not available to other attorneys or their law firms. We are well aware of the horrendous impact medical malpractice, an injury, or an accident can have on you and your family. While we wish we could turn back time and prevent the incident from occurring, we cannot…but what we can and do, is help our clients move forward. We have undertaken to help our clients and their families pursue and obtain monetary recoveries that make a difference in their lives and hopefully prevent the offending conduct from happening to some other innocent victim.

Schreier & Wachsman, LLP is conveniently located near Grand Central Station and Pennsylvania Station on Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

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